Autodesk Photofly 2.1 beta

Several videos have been making the rounds of tests being done with Autodesk's Photofly software.  David Stripinis (currently working at D-Neg in London) did this test recently. I quote him below on the test from his Vimeo page.  You can look at David's other videos by clicking on the embedded Vimeo link, including his other Photofly tests of some more organic objects.

"This is a test of Autodesk's Photofly 2.1 software. 15 photos from a Nikon D90 with a 35mm lens were fed into the system, 8 mins later I had a low res model to doublecheck, 30 mins later I had a high res, textured model in Maya ( the importation of the .fbx file took the most time ).

When you import the FBX, make sure you import cameras as well, this will let you retopologize the model, and reproject textures to get a really amazing result. I haven't done that yet here.

This is really, really amazing software. Even more so because it is free."

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